Yanell Edmond-Pierre

Administrative & Logistics Coordinator

Yanell Edmond-Pierre is CBPN’s Administrative and Logistics Coordinator, where she creates and sustains essential structural systems and maintains organizational necessities. She is truly excited and humbled to be part of an impactful organization working diligently to uplift and protect Black political power, and the Black narrative. Before joining CBPN, Yanell provided administrative support to numerous nonprofits in Washington D.C. spanning from natural justice & climate change to financial planning. She is an avid beach lover, who practices yoga and meditation to the sounds of the ocean. One of her numerous passions is wellness, and she hopes to offer breathing and self-care sessions after receiving her yoga certification.

"What’s the world for you, if you can’t make it up the way you want?"
- Toni Morrison

- Yanell Edmond-Pierre