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what are reparations?

Reparations are forms of compensation provided to an individual or group of people for a historical wrong done by the government.

The United Nations outlines 5 forms of reparations for victims of gross violations of international human rights law and serious violations of international humanitarian law.


Restitution, which should restore the victim to their original position or situation before the harm and violation of human rights occurred. It includes restoration of liberty, enjoyment of human rights, identity, family life and citizenship, and return of property.


Compensation, which is economic compensation proportional to the gravity of the violation that is meant to account for mental, physical or other material and long term harms like lost opportunities or wages.


Rehabilitation which should include medical and psychological care as well as legal and social services.


Satisfaction, which includes acknowledgement, public disclosure and apology for the harm, as well as commemorations and tributes to the victims.


Guarantee of non-repetition, which should include reviewing and reforming laws contributing to or allowing gross and serious violations of international human rights law.


why do Black Californians Deserve reparations?

Black Californians Deserve Reparations. Black people are still experiencing harm and discrimination due to the history of systemic, institutional, and anti-Black racism in California. Reparations are needed so Black Californians can begin to heal from generations of discrimination and begin to break the chains of poverty and inequity.

Reparations will not fix everything, but it is a necessary step for Black people to begin to heal and an opportunity for the government to begin to right the wrongs it has inflicted on Black people.

Not just through financial compensation but by acknowledging and respecting our humanity, rehabbing our access to social services, and requiring the government to publicly acknowledge their wrong-doings. We also deserve a guarantee that this injustice will never be repeated on Black people.

what’s going on with reparations?

Black Californians deserve reparations. The California Black Power Network is working to ensure the community is informed, educated and encouraged about reparations opportunties. Reparations is a debt that is owed to all Black people and we must be compensated for the historic and ongoing forced and unpaid labor. Black people have also been intenionally denied access to economic opportunities and the access needed to build thriving families and communities. All Black Californians have experienced anti-Black racism and discrimination and it’s time we unite and voice our power to ensure that the government acknowledges it’s wrongdoings and the harm inflicted on Black people and advances the future of reparations legislation.

We value all Black identities, communities, and people. We are all united by the Black experience in America. We value Black agency and self-determination. We want Black Californians to have the ability to obtain equality and equity in a state that has purposefully hindered our progress.

Reparations will not fix everything, but it is a necessary step for Black people to begin to heal and an opportunity for the government to begin to right its wrongdoing.
- cbpn

what is the california reparations task force?

task force


The Task Force is currently in the process of consulting with experts on California history, the impact of slavery and racist policies, and potential forms of reparations for African Americans. They are also working with community organizations including the CA Black Power Network, to host listening sessions and hear from the community about the harms suffered by African Americans as a result slavery and institutional racism, as well as potential forms of reparations the community would like to see and how those reparations will be provided to the community. At the end of this outreach and development process the Task Force will issue a report to the legislature.


ab 3121


In 2020, Assembly Bill 3121 was enacted to establish a Reparations Task Force to study and develop reparation proposals for African Americans. In acknowledgement of the significant and long term harms that have resulted from the institution of slavery, the task force was charged with studying chattel slavery, its lingering negative effects on living African Americans (including descendants of persons enslaved in the United States) and on society.

Reparations report

Click below to read more about the community town halls we held and the recommendations we submitted to the Task Force based on your input.