In order to
attain systemic change
for our communities...

In order to attain systemic change for our communities, we have to engage and build power in all arenas. Through our civic participation, we elect leaders who are responsible for representing our interests and creating legislation that will better our communities. The Black Power Network uses advocacy in the legislature to highlight Black issues and demand policy changes in the issue areas most impacting our communities.


policies we support

We work with California Black Power Network members to identify legislative priorities that will make deep-rooted and meaningful changes to impact the lives of Black Californians. This year we are proud to co-sponsor and support the following legislation:

what is ACA 4 (free the vote)?

aca 4

ACA 4, also known as the “Free the Vote” initiative, is a constitutional amendment that will restore voting rights to people who are incarcerated in California.

Author:Assemblymember Isaac Bryan, with a growing
list of co-authors throughout the legislature

Co-Sponsors: Initiate Justice, Initiate Justice Action,
Anti-Recidivism Coalition, ACLU CalAction, Ella Baker Center, League of Women Voters CA, National Lawyers Guild LA

learn more about aca4:

why we support it

our work

The California Black Power Network is a united ecosystem of Black grassroots organizations working together to change the lived conditions of Black Californians

When all Black communities are prioritized in policy solutions, all communities benefit.
- cbpn